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Molecular tumor board


影片標題: Molecular Tumor Board


影片推薦人:中國醫藥大學 放射腫瘤科 陳尚文醫師


Moderator: Aditya Bardia
Expert Panelists: Leif W. Ellisen, Darrell Borger, and Justin F. Gainor

From the 2016 Chabner Colloquium and STO Annual Meeting, an expert panel discusses a case outlining the key considerations involved in clinical decision making while reviewing molecular genotyping reports.


此 Massachusetts General Hospital 所釋出的影片勾勒未來 molecular tumor board 的架構。此tumor board 參與人員包括一位 molecular pathologist及兩位 medical oncologist,討論的案例是一位多年前有乳癌病史,後來發現罹患肺癌並合併多處轉移的病例,她的腫瘤切片報告發現有 P53 突變。

   由 molecular pathologist 先詳細說明molecular genotyping reports (分子生物學報告),及整理規納此基因檢測結果可能之臨床意義。 根據檢測結果,再由medical oncologist 提出臨床醫師可思考的治療選擇。

註記1. Molecular pathologist可根據下述之tumor mutation分類,提供臨床醫師治療選擇:

  1. Mutation link to FDA approved drug (druggable)
  2. Mutation link to drug, but different indication (druggable but off- label use)
  3. Alteration related to molecular pathway and probably link to clinical response (actionable)
  4. Alteration probably related to pathway, but no clear clinical function
  5. Mutation with no clear pathway or clinical function 

註記2. 理想狀況下,參與molecular tumor board 成員可以包括下圖所標示的專家: