Secrets of the Human Genome

by 陳 尚文 on 2017-05-02

影片標題: 2017 Killian Lecture: Eric Lander,      "Secrets of the Human Genome" 演講人:Eric Lander , M.D. President and Founding Director, MIT and Harvard Broad Institute 演講會議和時間:2017 Killian Lecture , 2017-…

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Big Data, the Community and the Commons

by 王 子豪 on 2017-01-20

影片標題: Big Data, the Community and the Commons. 演講人: Robert Grossman, University of Chicago, Open Cloud Consortium 演講會議和時間:The Cancer Genome Atlas 3rd Annual Scientific Symposium (May 12, 2014)  影片推薦人:…

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